• 😃😉【”It Works!”】Unlike the other ordinary hemp seed oil on the market, our STARKIT utmost hemp oil works authentically. Extracted from the 100% organic hemp plant, expertly crafted through the world’s leading supercritical CO2 Extraction tech. The essence of our hemp oil is rich in hemp exaction, Omega 3, 6 and 9, your best choice to relieve anxiety, depression and pain, improve sleep, support mood, also helps to boost brain power, improves focus, shine your skin and hair, and optimize immune.
  • 👍👍【Sufficient Effect Strength】2 pack x 30ml (2x3000mg) hemp essence. You may find in the market some products claiming 8000mg even 40,000mg strength in 30ml, but those are cold-pressed hemp seed products and hemp seed is not the main source of effective elements for pain relief and improvements at all. Exaggerated numbers like 40,000 make no any sense. Our products are certified by the professional certified third-party lab (Phytovista Lab) and confident for the sufficient effect strength.
  • ✔️🤩【EASY TO USE】One serving size=1ml. 2 servings a day to help your sleep and 4 times a day for pain relief. It’s convenient to take it orally, or more specifically sublingually (below the tongue). To feel the full effects of the oil, hold the oil below the tongue for 60-90 seconds which allows the hemp oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream to take effect quickly. You may also blend it with a beverage. The graduated dropper enables you to know how much have you taken every day easily.